Burnham Commercial Boilers

Since 1873, Burnham Corporation, and now, Burnham LLC, doing business under the name “Burnham Commercial”, has produced steam and hot water boilers for commercial and industrial applications. Located at 1239 Harrisburg Pike, in Lancaster, PA, Burnham Commercial’s facilities have gone through numerous expansions and changes, since its original construction in 1921. Today, the facilities continue to produce high quality products for its customers. Burnham Commercial offers a full line of scotch, firebox, and cast iron boilers ranging from light commercial to industrial sizes in order to meet its customers’ needs and is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-quality boilers and control systems for commercial and industrial applications.

When you specify or install a Burnham Commercial boiler, you can rest assured that your boiler will be engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, beginning with Burnham Commercial’s full-time engineering department.

ideal for use in commercial installations


The Burnham Commercial V9A boiler is ideal for use in commercial installations because it is versatile

enough to meet specific job requirements. The V9A provides the durability of a cast iron boiler, assembled with the time-proven integrity of cast iron nipples. The sectional design of the V9A makes it easy to maneuver and install in existing boiler rooms.

A packaged and fire tested V9A will fit through a standard 36-inch doorway and will fit into a confined area, requiring only 9-inches from a right-side wall and 6-1/2 feet of vertical clearance. The V9A can also be factory fire tested before shipment in order to reduce the time and expense of setting up the burner on the job site.

Knockdown V9A Series boilers were designed to be assembled one section at a time, using individual draw rods, a 1-1/16” ratchet and combination or open-end wrench. The sections are surface ground to ensure smooth mating. An elastic sealant and fiberglass rope are used on all section joints for a completely sealed and pressure-tight assembly.

As with all Burnham Commercial cast iron products, the V9A is assembled using precision-machined cast iron push nipples, which ensure the most reliable watertight seal. Nipples are machined to exact tolerances so that when pressed into the nipple ports of the sections, they will conform to the shape of the ports. Unlike gaskets, nipples are impervious to breakdown from hot flue gases or petroleum based chemicals, including corrosion inhibitors, pump lubricants and antifreeze.

V9A sections are carefully made at the state-of-the-art Burnham Foundry, LLC, in Zanesville, Ohio. Each individual section is hydro-tested at two-and-a-half times the maximum allowable working pressure at the foundry. The sections are then sent to Burnham Commercial for final machining. Factory-assembled sections are tested again to ensure the final assembly is leak-free.


Available in 20 sizes with gross output ratings from 667 to 4,551 MBH, the
V11H Series is commonly used in large commercial applications where heating requirements demand a high-capacity boiler. The V11H is available with nearly unlimited control configurations, making it ideal for simple or the most complicated installations.
Customers can select one of five burner options, which give flexibility to the installing contractor to select a burner that they are familiar with and feel comfortable servicing.

  • Beckett
    • Oil
    • Gas
  • Carlin
    • Oil
  • Riello
    • Oil
    • Gas
    • Combination Gas/Oil
  • Power Flame
    • Oil
    • Gas
    • Combination Gas/Oil
  • Webster
    • Oil
    • Gas
    • Combination Gas/Oil

Easy to Assemble

V11H boiler sections have reinforced lugs that are used to assemble the sections with individual draw rods, resulting in fast, strain-free assembly. Having individual draw rods means the boiler can be assembled one section at a time, using simple hand tools, including a combination or open-end wrench and 3/4-inch drive ratchet.

The Cast Iron Nipple Difference

Like all Burnham Commercial cast iron boilers, the V11H is assembled using durable cast iron nipples, which expand and contract along with the boiler sections, ensuring a water-tight seal for many years of reliable service. Nipples are impervious to boiler flue gases and petroleum based chemicals, including corrosion inhibitors, pump lubricants, and anti-freeze.

USA-Made Cast Iron Section

V11H sections are made at Burnham Foundry, LLC, in Zanesville, Ohio. Working closely with Burnham Foundry allows Burnham Commercial to respond quickly to customers’ needs. We always have the castings that we need to fill orders and meet customer deadlines.

MPC (Multi-Pass Commercial)

The Multi-Pass Commercial Boiler (MPC) is loaded with innovative features that are unsurpassed by any other boiler in the industry. Take a close look at the MPC, and there is no question that it is setting the new standard for USA-made commercial cast iron boilers.

Multi-pass boilers operate differently than more conventional single or double-pass boilers. A multi-pass boiler, such as the MPC, directs flue gases through multiple combustion chamber passes, extracting the maximum amount of heat out of the hot boiler flue gases. With single or double-pass boilers, the burner fires into a combustion chamber, then the hot flue gases pass upward between the sections (usually through a pinned or baffled flueway) and out into the venting. The MPC directs flue gases into several smaller passes, which allows the sections to absorb more heat than if the flue gases just passed through the boiler sections one time.

The MPC incorporates features such as a return water mixing tube, which distributes water evenly throughout the entire section assembly. Distributing cool return water eliminates areas of extreme hot and cold, which can cause undue stress on the boiler castings. Some boilers require special piping, electronic controls, and mixing valves or circulators to control the return water temperature, but thanks to the return water mixing tube, protection is built-in to the MPC, which reduces installation time and saves money.

The centrally located supply and return connections simplify piping and wiring of controls for faster installations. A wiring chase way runs from the supply and return manifolds at the rear of the boiler, underneath the jacket, to the front of the boiler. This setup eliminates the need for running external conduit through the boiler room and makes for a clean, professional finished appearance. A 4-inch thick blanket of insulation surrounding the sections traps heat within the boiler jacket, which means a cooler boiler room for the installing and service contractor and more efficient operation for the building owner.

The MPC is also available with Burnham Commercial’s newest control, the SBC™ control, which provides complete boiler control capability at the fraction of the price of a comparable system. The SBC control is a combination operating and staging control that will control up to 8 fully modulating boilers and is available as a factory-wired package installed in any Power Flame, full mod burner, with an RM7897A or better Honeywell flame safeguard. The SBC control can save money by reducing installation time and reducing the number of controls required to control your boiler. The SBC control also saves money by firing the boiler(s) at the precise rate of modulation to meet the building load while limiting short-cycling.

A combination of tongue-and-groove construction and a silicone-coated fiberglass rope gasket provides the gas-tight seal necessary for a forced-draft boiler to operate safely and efficiently. Burnham Commercial engineers tested a variety of sealing methods before deciding on the silicone-coated fiberglass rope because it obtained the best seal and was clean and quick to install. Unlike other sealing materials that were tested, the fiberglass rope does not break down over time from exposure to heat and products of combustion. It is also very clean to work with and flexible enough to seal every area of the combustion chamber grooves.


The Series 5B boiler offers the capacities and features that make it ideal for commercial, institutional, and multi-family heating applications, where the simplicity of an atmospheric design is desired. The rear outlet drafthood is specifically designed for installation involving low ceiling heights. Shipped as a knocked-down unit, the Series 5B allows for maximum maneuverability into the boiler room. The boiler is also available with factory-assembled sections.FeaturesLow Drafthood

The Series 5B boiler was specifically designed to use a low-profile drafthood, so it will fit easily into basements and boiler rooms that have low ceilings.

Three Firing Sequences

Because the Series 5B uses controls that are commonly available in most HVAC and plumbing warehouses, it is easier to service and maintain than the more sophisticated forced-draft type boilers. However, the Series 5B is available with optional Low-High-Off, Low-High-Low, and Modulating firing sequences, for those applications where efficiency and advanced control capability are required.


Domestic hot water requirements are easy to meet with the optional tankless heater, which can be installed in one or both ends of the section assembly. Common available controls make the Series 5B easy to maintain and service. Gas Controls meeting full requirements of ANSI Z21.13 ensure that the Series 5B meets stringent safety standards, and the low-profile drafthood is ideal for low-ceiling applications.


The Series 8H/8HE boiler is ideal for large residential and light commercial water boiler applications. The compact design makes it easy to transport through a standard 36-inch doorway and the small footprint means it will fit into most boiler rooms. The 8H/8HE has standard safety features such as a blocked vent switch and a flame rollout switch which automatically shuts down the boiler if the chimney or flue passages become restricted. Other manufacturers charge extra for these safety controls.

Efficient Space Heating with the Modular/Multiple Boiler Concept

Modular/Multiple boiler systems put the efficiency, cost and service advantages of compact gas boilers to work in heating application where a single commercial boiler would not be efficient.

The systems connect any number of compact, self-contained gas boilers together and stage fire them to efficiently meet heating loads on demand.

Simple controls and simple design means the boiler will be easy to service and maintain.

Series 8H/8HE

  • Atmospheric Vent
  • Cast Iron Gas Fired Commercial Water Boiler
  • 252 – 505 MBH input
  • 80–82% Thermal Efficiency
  • 30 or 50 psi
  • Modular/Multiple Boiler Applications